Oasis Stud Poker is a Casino adaptation of the game of Poker, creating a very simple but yet exciting game to play. Each player must make a bet on the respective position marked Ante, to receive five cards, which make up the player’s “hand”. The dealer is also dealt five cards, the last card being dealt face up. It is now up to the player to chose whether to “Fold” or to play. If the player folds, then the stake on the Ante is lost, and the cards are returned to the dealer. If the player decides to play, then he places his cards in the position marked Bet, with a stake on top of the cards which must equal double the Ante. When all players have decided whether to fold or play, then the dealer will reveal the remaining four cards, to establish the dealer’s “hand”. All “hands” are settled in the standard order of rank of the game of Poker, but the dealer will only “play” if he has a “hand” of Ace-King or better. If the dealer does not play, then all Ante bets are paid at even money and the game is over. If the dealer plays, then all winning Ante bets are paid at even money and the Bets are settled in accordance with the payout table and the ranking of the hand.

For example, if the dealer plays with “Three of a kind”, then all Bets on a “hand” higher than “Three of a kind” will be paid in accordance with the payout table. Any “hands” less then “three of a kind” (e.g. Two pairs) will lose. For the purposes of a “straight. Ace counts as high or low.

The payout table, beating the dealer’s “hand” stands as follows: in the case of the dealer having the same “hand” as the player, then the winner will be determined by the ranking of the cards. If both hands are of exactly the same ranking, then the outcome is a “stand – off”. In addition to playing the game outlined above, the player has also the option of playing the Bonus Bet. This bet is made at the same time as the Ante and is a separate bet staked by the player, the outcome of which is determined by the player’s “hand” only.

If the player folds, then this bet together with the Ante will lose. If the player makes a Flush or better, then the Bonus bet will be paid regardless of the dealer’s “hand” in accordance with the Bonus Bet table of payouts as follows:

During the game, the following general rules must be observed: players may play only one “hand”. The exception to this rule is when a player wishes to play two hands. This is possible only if one of the hands is “Blind”.

This means that they are not permitted to look at the hand. This option is dependent on available seats and boxes at the table. Cards must remain in the sight of the dealer at all times, and under no circumstances may cards be taken away from the table. Players must not discuss the contents of their “hand” or show their “hand” to other players. Violation of the above rules may result in the player’s losing the bet and the Ante.

Maximum and minimum bets are clearly displayed at each table, and must be observed at all times. The maximum liability per winning hand is also clearly displayed.

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